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Datemi una borsa e vi solleverò il mondo

Posted by Nancy ® 4.8.05

Sembra che le sorti dei vari conti economici delle aziende di moda si stiano risollevando con la vendita degli accessori di lusso..in particolare delle borse!!

Small wonder the big brands are now pushing the concept that women now need a collection of 'notice-me' bags for every look and occasion. There's the shoulder bag for wallet, keys, phone and make-up. There's the tote bag for laptop, iPod, umbrella, newspaper, and who knows what else. There's the day bag and the evening bag.
All the big brands want to create the "It" bag and are coming up with some pretty wild ideas.

Le “It” bag più ricercate:

Chloe Paddington bag
Around £750
Sold out everywhere, yet Colleen McLoughlin managed to get two. The waiting list at Harvey Nichols for the oblong 'antiqued' leather bag, is full.

Hermes Kelly bag
From £2,630
Named after Princess Grace of Monaco, the more elaborate models, some of which are made from ostrich leather, cost £7,000.

Christian Dior flight bag
From £1,005
This brown sheepskin Dior bag is likely to be one of the most copied bags of the season. It's advertised by Kate Moss and there's just one in the country - in the window of the Sloane Street store. It's not for sale, but you can add your name to their 'fairly long' waiting list.

Mulberry Phoebe bag
From £595
Following the Roxanne, the Phoebe, below, is Mulberry's next sure thing. It's a saddle-bag style with bronze coloured buckle pockets.

Bottega Veneta Jardin Décalée bag
From £3,465
The hefty price tag has not put fashionistas off this rectangular black leather handbag, which has a waiting list at both its London stores. It is covered in hand-cut black flowers made from plaited kangaroo leather.


Barbara ha detto...

Na...decisamente non è il mio "campo" ... io uso da anni una borsa di "felpa" blu ( in inverno manco quella infilo nelle tasche della giacca)

Nancy ha detto...

Io sono maniaca fino alla follia delle borse ma a questi livelli economici proprio non posso arrivare..purtroppo!!

Superqueen ha detto...

Anche io impazzisco per le borse, ma mi limito ad ammirare ed invidiare Jessica Simpson, le sue Vuitton e le mille altre borse (tipo la Chloe Silverado rosso fuoco, splendida) che sfoggia di continuo. Beata lei!

Nancy ha detto...

E' veramente stupenda!!