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Top 10 tips for staying safe during the party season

Posted by Nancy ® 3.12.06

1) Do have a plan to get home before you go out. If you order a taxi in a noisy club, go somewhere where strangers cannot overhear your address.
2) Do know your limit. drink If you feel too drunk too quickly, you are at risk.
3) Don’t accept a drink from a stranger- it could be spiked.
4) Don’t accept cigarette either - cigarette spiking is a growing phenomenon.
5) Don’t leave drinks unattended and do watch them being served. Choose carefully - a bottled beer for example is more difficult to spike.
6) Don’t panic if you feel unexpectedly drunk. Ask a friend to get you home.
7) Don’t go home with someone you have just met. If you must, tell someone exactly where you are going and be aware on the journey there.
8) Don’t wear very high-heeled shoes if it can be avoided. They slow you down and impede your escape from a dangerous situation.
9) Don’t ‘carry your life in your handbag’. The less valuable the contents, the less your desire to hold onto it and aggravate the situation should you be attacked.
10) Do only use licensed taxis. They are licensed by the police or local council, and checks are carried out on the drivers.